FreeStyle InsuLinx Blood Glucose Monitoring System

Insulin Calculations With a Touch

The FreeStyle InsuLinx monitoring system is designed for people on insulin.*

Key Features

  • Mealtime insulin calculator*
  • Touch screen
  • Automated Logbook
  • No coding means one less step in the testing process
  • Zip Wik tabs – designed for instant wicking action
  • Backlight and port light for night time testing
  • Tiny blood sample required – 0.3 µl
  • Built-in FreeStyle Auto Assist software to print or email reports. PC & MAC compatible

Owner’s Manual

Instructional How to Use Video

Test Strips

The FreeStyle InsuLinx meter uses FreeStyle Lite test strips only to check blood glucose levels.

To download the data management software, please go to the desktop version of the site.