FreeStyle Auto-Assist Software

Download PC version Download MAC version
  • Print and email reports – in colour or black and white
  • Targeted insights – hypo and ketone events, testing frequency and glucose variability
  • Change and save meter settings – for FreeStyle InsuLinx

Available Reports

  • Snapshot – Overview of blood glucose trends
  • Modal Day – Spot trends by time of day
  • Logbook – Standard 24 hour logbook
  • Daily Statistics – Focus on a specific day
  • Meal Event Averages – Average for Pre and Post-Meal BG*
  • Meter Settings – Current meter and insulin calculator settings

Owner’s Manual

Get Started Now

  1. Download and Install Software (install may require Admin Rights)
    Download PC version
    Download MAC version
  2. Plug your FreeStyle meter into computer with USB cable – can use existing download cables
    Need a cable? Contact FreeStyle Customer Care
  3. View and print reports

Note for OS 10.9 (Mavericks) users:

  1. Download software using link above
  2. Locate the software in your downloads folder and right click the file
  3. You should now be given the option to open the software
  4. Once it’s installed you won’t have to repeat these steps again

Compatible with the following meters:

Are you having issues downloading FreeStyle meters into CoPilot when FreeStyle Auto-Assist is installed?
Open FreeStyle Auto-Assist, go to “File” (top left corner) and untick “Enable Auto-Launch”.

If you have any other issues, please contact FreeStyle Customer Care on free hotline 1800 801 478.