FreeStyle Auto-Assist Neo Software

Auto-Assist Neo Windows Version
Your Guide To More Support

Simply download the FreeStyle Auto-Assist Neo Software by clicking on the box above. The software will then automatically begin the installation process. Connect the yellow USB cable to your FreeStyle Optium Neo and your computer to download your meter results.

Available Reports

  1. Snapshot – Overview of blood glucose trends
  2. Modal Day – Spot trends by time of day
  3. Daily Log – shows all blood glucose results & other values such as insulin doses or blood ketone results.

More reports are available when enabled by your healthcare professional.

To View or Print Results

  • On the MENU page click Create Reports.
  • Tick the box next to the reports you want to view or print.
  • Choose the timeframe you want to show the data for, using the dropdown box or by entering a custom range.
  • Click Print Reports or View Reports on the screen.
  • If Print Reports is selected, all pages for the selected timeframe will be printed. To limit the amount of prints adjust the time period.

Save as a PDF

  • You can also save the report as a PDF which you can send as an email attachment to your healthcare professional.

Owner’s Manual

Compatible with the following meters: