FreeStyle Story

The FreeStyle Family

Abbott Diabetes Care meters, test strips and data management systems are united under the one wing – The FreeStyle Family.

The symbol for the FreeStyle Family is the Monarch butterfly. This symbol can be seen prominently over all our packaging and promotional materials. The look of Freestyle includes bright yellow packaging with a bold Monarch butterfly and colour bars to help people identify test strips with meters.

In addition, the Freestyle Family of home use products features “No Chip” technology for easy testing with one less step required.

Why did we choose the Monarch butterfly?

The Monarch Butterfly was actually chosen by people with diabetes to embody the idea of elevation, freedom and progress.

Monarch Butterfly Facts

Monarchs can be found throughout Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia and North America. The adult Monarch feeds on nectar and is famous for its yearly migration to a warmer climate. The enduring journey can be up to 4,000 km and spans the life of three to four generations of the butterfly. During migration, millions of Monarch butterflies can be seen flying freely together.